About Devon

Devon is,

First an foremost, a Goofball. He's like "The Collector" from Marvel, but for crystals, an Energy Healer, Musician,

an Aquarius, NFL TightEnd, Motivational Speaker, and a Stem Cell Research Assistant.

     Out of all these "Titles" that society claims, the one he enjoys most, is "Goofball." Why? Because it is the title he gives himself.

Why is this important? A universal message from different cultures, philosophers, religions, artists, dreamers, singers, and even non-believers continue to say the same thing. Yet, it is something that we have not fully encompassed as a people. It speaks to purpose and fulfillment. The summary goes something like this. 

"There is something about being here and sharing this insane energy called love with each other. Something greater supplies this little understanding we feel, however it is a vast feeling. It is something that gives wholeness. When we decide to have that stemming from within self, then and only then, can we truly spread that level of love to one another. When one achieves this expression

of love, we evolve beyond the scope of the human condition, and life becomes full.

Love starts within

True Love is the outward expression of that.

Find your expression.

Give your love."